Discography – Music


Album Work

Album or Song
Label / Producer
Angie Stone “No More Rain” Arista / Def Squad (Eric Sermon) Track, Mix
Phendi Untitled Hollywood Records / Def Squad (Eric
Sermon, Dave Hollister)
Track, Mix
Richie Havens “Sharing” Media Designs Track, Mix
Beenie Man Jamaican Explosion Logo Sport, LLC 5.1 Mix for Live DVD
Capone-N-Noreaga Illegal Life Penalty Records Pro Tools Editor
Herb Alpert, Will Calhoun, Doug
Wimbush, Bernie Worell
Herb Alpert & Colors Almo Sounds Pro Tools Op, Editor
The Council Era Tommy Boy Track, Mix
KRS-One pre-production Jive Track
Anggun pre-production Sony Records / The Shadowmen Track
Dog Society In The Shade independent Mix
Dog Society The SIR Session independent Track, Mix, Master
Island Twins Spanish Blood independent Mix
Grillo Villegas Bipolar independent Mix
Shadow Circus Whispers & Screams independent Co-Produce, Mix
Shadow Circus Welcome to the Freakroom ProgRock Records Co-Produce, Mix
Stone The King Nice Hits independent Mix, Master
Organic Juice OJ 1 independent Produce, Track, Mix, Master
Anti-Alias Meet Gudzuka independent Produce, Track, Mix, Master
Luna Penthouse Elektra Records Assistant Engineer



Music for Television, Film and Web

Show (Company)
Spin City (ABC) Music Cues for Weekly TV Show Track, Mix, Compose, Co-Produce, Perform
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney) Recording Kevin Kline’s Vocals for Music for Film Track
Unchained Memories (HBO/Liquid Architecture) Music Cues for Film Track & Mix Music, Perform (Percussion)
Ricki Lake Show Open / Close & Specialty Music Track, Mix, Co-Compose, Co-Produce, Perform
NBC News News Theme Music Track, Mix
NBC News Promo Spots Track, Mix, Sound Design
Mr. Word Wizard (Media Designs) Children’s TV Show Track & Mix Music, Sound Design, Sound Edit,
Sound Mix
MSNBC News Music Package Track, Mix
Nickelodeon Re-face Promo Package Track, Mix
WB TV News News Music Package Track, Mix, Co-Compose, Co-Produce
Shop the World (Travel Channel) Music Cues for Show Compose, Perform
The Three Deeds Music Score for Silent Film Compose, Perform
West Side Fragrances “Plume” – Orchestral Music for Website Track, Mix, Master
Fuse The MixDown Live to Tape Sessions Track, Mix, Master



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